WHAT’S YOUR SAYU BUILD?? (genshin impact)

Hey there! it's a new concept on the channel, I thought I'd do this for every character eventually? I'm not sure yet though, would love to see what you guys think first! hope you can still enjoy this smol video, consider it some bonus content! also still hoping I can make yoimiya mains for this saturday but seems unlikely, so it's probably going to be the red totem event and then yoi mains on wednesday or something? then the new islands come out for inazuma and I can probably finish the i of inazuma!
as well as baal/raiden shogun and kokomi coming out.. la signora boss fight.. yeah we're falling behind again AHHHHHHHHH- also want to make a video where I hang out with the gang and we all play a smol character, many ideas but little time you know how it is! anyways and as always hope you enjoyed! much love ☻♥ twitty: https://twitter.com/rednasyo
disco: https://discord.gg/rednas Have a great day! (✿ ◕‿◕) thx 4 watchin thx even more for subbin and the most thx for sharin

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