There’s A Steven Universe GAME?

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STEVEN UNIVERSE: Everything You Need To Know ► Did you know there was a Steven Universe video game? Yeah, it’s an RPG called “Steven Universe: Save The Light.” And you know what that means…IT’S TIME FOR A RECAP!
These are Foafy’s adventures in “Steven Universe: Save The Light!” #stevenuniverse #stevenuniversefuture #stevenuniversemovie #stevenuniversesavethelight #stevenuniverserecap #cartoonnetwork #cartoons #footofaferret #abriefhistory More FOOTOFAFERRET!
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– History Of Star VS The Forces Of Evil ► Follow me on Twitter ►► @FootofaFerret Character art by Gregzilla ► Thanks for watching & DFTBA! 🙂

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