RAIDEN SHOGUN THE RULE BREAKER (Baal) | Talents Skills Abilities Explained – Genshin Impact

An in-depth explanation of how the Raiden Shogun's (Baal) abilities, skills, talents and kit works. This is a pre-release analysis. The information we look at is subject to change but the basics of it are most likely set in stone. We go through her role, E Skill, Elemental Burst, and Passive Skills. Preliminary math for some of her skills but not an in-depth analysis on artifacts and weapons just yet. This is a re-edited and re-upload of my previous video which was removed. Intro: 00:00
Role & Stats: 00:48
Resolve Stacks: 1:25
E Skill: 2:45
Elemental Burst (Mussou No Hitotachi): 4:04
Passive Talents: 9:54 Follow the socials! #RaidenShogun #GenshinImpact

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