Leylines Overflow Speedrun Guide (DON’T MISS IT! FREE 420 RESINS!) Genshin Impact New Event

Hello friends, in this video I will share with you everything you need to know about the new Ley Lines Overflow event. Make sure to do it every day for the next 7 days because the rewards are pretty good!!! NOTE: Condensed resins won't work in this event.
Free 60 resins per day: You spend 20 resins and get 40 resins worth of rewards (so it is technically free 20 resins) and you can 2x reward up to 3 times per day. That's why I said it is free 60 resins per day. LIKE ? COMMENT ? SUBSCRIBE ? TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS ? Sub to my YT: https://bit.ly/takaggyt
Friendly Genshin Impact community: https://discord.gg/takagg
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https://youtu.be/qHyhOa1smXY #genshin #leylines #event

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