TEAM BUILDS & COMPS for the Raiden Shogun (Baal) Main DPS & SUB DPS | My Opinions – Genshin Impact

My thoughts for possible team comps and builds with the Raiden Shogun. I go over possible Main DPS teams and Sub DPS teams and want to know your thoughts as well! Physical DMG Teams, Electro-Charged Teams, Overload Teams, and Double Geo teams. These aren't necessarily Meta, but they're meant to help you get some ideas. Intro: 00:00
Main DPS: 2:00
Sub-DPS (Physical): 5:27
Sub-DPS (Electro-Charged): 6:56
Sub-DPS (Overload): 8:42
Sub-DPS (Geo): 9:08 Follow the socials!

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