4 Inazuma Characters You Didn’t Know About, Genshin Impact

In this video, I reveal all the details about four upcoming characters who have been hinted by various NPCs and in open world in 2.0. I hope you enjoy the video 😀 ? Support me directly
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Narukami island bulletin boards
NPC Shouta
NPC Kono Nana
NPC Yukino
NPC Uesugi
Yoimiya's profile
Ayaka's profile
Sayu's profile
Kitain Cross Spear
Mistsplitter Reforged ? Timestamps
0:00 Arataki Itto – Tall Oni, Has 2 horns, hinted as wagner body type
2:44 Kamisato Ayato – Ayaka's brother, albedo body type
3:55 Shikanoin Heizou – Detective
4:21 Kuki Ninja ? Music
Yu-Peng Chen @ HOYO-MiX #GenshinImpact #Lore

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