WHICH INAZUMA F2P Forgeable WEAPON is WORTH Making? | Amenoma, Hamayumi, Kitain? – Genshin Impact

An analysis and guide on which Inazuma Forgeable weapon you should make. Amenoma Kageuchi, Kitain Cross Spear, Hamayumi, Hakushin Ring, Katsuragikiri Nagamasa which of these is the best weapon? Math included for all of the weapons excluding the catalyst. For the Spear comparisons, Dragon's Bane and Kitain Cross Spear had ER Sands and Glitter had ATK%. Intro: 00:00
Amenoma Kageuchi: 1:17
Kitain Cross Spear: 7:39
Hamayumi: 10:11
Katsuragikiri Nagamasa: 14:52
Hakushin Ring: 17:16
Closing Thoughts: 20:32 Follow the socials!

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