THE PORPL SEELIE WILL BE MINE (genshin impact event)

Hey there! sorry! HD processing took FOR EVER so we're late again! sick title i know, we creative out here,
it's the seelie event again! i had last one recorded but ended up throwing it away because we had more interesting stuff, like side quests characters stories for like.. ganyu or something at the time …not this time though, hope you'll still enjoy my seelie adventure B) theater mechanicus will be on friday! excited to revisit it, apparently they changed quite a bit about it and it's SUPER HARD so uhh… I can't wait?? I think? anyway hope you're all well, much love! twitty:
disco: Have a great day! (✿ ◕‿◕) thx 4 watchin thx even more for subbin and the most thx for sharin

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