BOUNCING 120 PrimoSlimes Genshin Impact Web Event

Hello friends, in this video I will share with you everything you need to know about the new Slime web event. The event ends on July 10 and you need to login for a couple days to get all the primogems rewards. Event Link: LIKE 👍 COMMENT 💬 SUBSCRIBE 🔔 TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS 🔔 Support me when you purchase welkin or Genesis Crystal in Genshin Impact: twitch ►
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The Entire Genshin Sumeru In 30 Seconds (probably)

This video is not a leak about 3.0 genshin sumeru. It is just my imagination of what would be in the next version based on the other 2 versions (v1. and v2.). The thumbnail is from chapter 16 of the official genshin comic. Thanks for watching my short video. If you enjoy please LIKE and give me SUBSCRIBE to support me! I appreciate that alot!
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Genshin Impact Tiktok Compilation that is sus

hello guys, just created a page. you can support me by buying me a coffee 💙 KAEYA tiktok compilation: XIAO tiktok compilation: DILUC tiktok compilation: CHILDE tiktok compilation: VENTI tiktok compilation: ZHONGLI tiktok compilation: ALBEDO tiktok compilation: RAZOR tiktok compilation: AETHER tiktok compilation: BENNETT tiktok compilation: XINGQIU tiktok compilation: CHONGYUN tiktok compilation: KAZUHA tiktok compilation: THOMA tiktok compilation: SCARAMOUCHE tiktok compilation: ARATAKI ITTO tiktok compilation: *** NINGGUANG tiktok compilation: JEAN tiktok compilation: KLEE tiktok compilation: FISHCL tiktok compilation: BEIDO tiktok compilation: BARBARA tiktok compilation: DIONA tiktok compilation: GANYU tiktok compilation: HU TAO tiktok compilation: SUCROSE tiktok compilation: QIQI tiktok compilation: EULA tiktok compilation: MONA tiktok compilation: KEQING tiktok compilation: NOELLE tiktok compilation: ROSARIA tiktok compilation: XIANGLING tiktok compilation: YANFEI tiktok compilation: LISA tiktok compilation: XINYAN tiktok compilation: AMBER tiktok compilation: LUMINE tiktok compilation: AYAKA tiktok compilation: SAYU tiktok compilation: YOIMIYA tiktok compilation: BAAL tiktok compilation: SANGONOMIYA KOKOMI: KUJOU SARA: *** business email: Click me!

I Unleashed Endless Thunderstorms with 4 Kukis | Genshin Impact

How much can 4 cookies accomplish? a lot apparently. ▶Twitch:
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Players can explore the game's large fantasy world, called Teyvat, with over 25+ characters and various points of interest spread across the map. The game features an action combat playstyle that allows the player to swap between 4 individual characters in a party to quickly combo attacks. Single-player gameplay is the focus of the game, with Co-Op Mode available for certain activities. Each character has two unique combat skills: a normal skill and a special skill. The normal skill can be used at any time except for the cooldown period immediately after use, while the special skill has an energy cost, requiring the user to amass sufficient elemental energy first. Characters have control over one of seven natural elements: Cryo, Dendro, Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro, and Geo. Cooking is another significant aspect of Genshin Impact's gameplay. Players gather many resources in the course of their adventure, some of which can be turned into dishes via cooking. Some dishes regenerate characters' health, while others boost attack or defensive abilities. #genshinimpact #gaming Click me!

I found a way to defeat Baal – Genshin Impact

this was done on my third account, i failed on my main(didn't know that the move before the cutscene WAS THE move before the cutscene). im dead inside there was a way to still get out of the arena using geo mc only, but i thought to just end the video there if you want to see the whole 4 hours of me pushing baal #GenshinImpact Click me!

why Anemo is the STRONGEST element in Genshin Impact

Since Kazuha and Heizou are having a rate up in 2.8, I figured now would be a better time than ever to discuss why many people consider anemo to be the strongest element in Genshin Impact, so we will! Disclaimer: This, like all subjects regarding 'best characters, best elements, best etc' is a generally subjective video, but does not come without basis, reasoning and examples to back up my own claims. —-
edited by meeee
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0:51 Anemo's Elemental Interactions
4:36 Anemo Resonance Is… There
5:30 The Effect on Anemo Characters (Heizou too)
7:45 Directly Comparing Anemo with Others #genshinimpact #kazuha #heizou Click me!

I tried the Spiral Abyss with ONLY the starter team… AGAIN (Genshin Impact)

how far can i get in 2.7 genshin impact's spiral abyss using ONLY the starter team/characters? follow me on twitch: follow me on twitter: Click me!

Genshin Impact Roblox is EXTREMELY cursed…

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#GenshinImpact #Genshin #Roblox #Akron Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed by Chinese developer miHoYo, and first published in 2020. The game features an anime-style open-world environment and an action-based battle system using elemental magic and character-switching. Click me!

I Went to the Genshin VA Cast Pool Party

The Genshin English VA cast recently had a pool party, and it was the first time everyone saw each other in a while. Zach Aguilar, voice of Aether, vlogged a little bit of the experience – catch a slice of their lives behind-the-scenes! #genshinimpact #voiceactor #genshinVA Zach Aguilar's Socials (Aether)
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COMPLETE KUKI SHINOBU GUIDE! Best Kuki Build – Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Showcase | Genshin Impact

Kuki Shinobu is the first electro healer in Genshin Impact and so today, we're gonna talk about her best builds/teams/playstyles & overall strength. Enjoy
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Initial Info (0:00)
Talents & Playstyle [Detailed] (0:28)
HP vs EM Builds [Healing Comparison] (4:29)
Artifact Sets (5:17)
Artifact Stats (6:33)
Best Weapons (7:46)
Constellations [How Good Are They?] (8:55)
Team Comps [Important] (9:50)
C0 Showcase [Double Hydro Team – Abyss 12] (12:25)
Overall (15:24) —
SONG: Jim Yosef – Arrow [NCS Release] NCS: Music Without Limitations NCS Spotify: Free Download / Stream:

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I unlocked MAX POWER ITTO and CRUSHED abyss with MONO GEO (C6 Showcase)

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2:13 | Building Itto
4:57 | Itto vs. World Bosses
11:29 | Itto vs. Spiral Abyss
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Traveling Triped Genshin Impact

Traveling Triped Genshin Impact. How to do Traveling Triped in Genshin Impact . You can find Genshin Impact Traveling Triped by crafting random patterns following this video guide. Genshin Impact Chasm is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. Click me!


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Orphaned Boy Discovers God Tier Weapon To Get Revenge On His Parent’s Killer

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If I get hit, I roll

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Sumeru Main Theme OST (Trailer Theme) Metal Remix | Genshin Impact

Sumeru is just near the corner and the whole new region is so beautiful, the music from the trailer had some middle eastern vibes, of course I'm gonna turn it into a headbanging metal song. All instruments are recorded live by me
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Genshin Impact Version 2.8 Update Livestream Watch Party! Let’s Go!

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