The REAL End Of Adventure Time

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ADVENTURE TIME Recap Part 1 ► Adventure Time has been over for 3 years! …except it hasn’t. Yeah, the series finale premiered way back in 2018, but the show never actually ended. Adventure Time lived on with “Distant Lands,” a series of 4 specials released on HBOMax over the last year. Those specials wrapped up recently. So what time is it? RECAP TIME!
This is “Adventure Time Distant Lands: Everything You Need To Know!” #adventuretime #distantlands #finnandjake #pibby #learningwithpibby #recap #cartoonnetwork #footofaferret #abriefhistory More FOOTOFAFERRET!
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– Confessions Of A Phineas And Ferb Fan ► More BRIEF HISTORY!
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Beating The New Floor 12 With 9⭐ (4 Star Characters and Weapons) – Genshin Impact 2.3 Spiral Abyss

💬 In this Genshin Impact video, I beat the new Floor 12 of the 2.3 Spiral Abyss by only using 4 Star Characters and 4 Star Weapons. 🐦 Twitter:
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3:21 Chamber 2
5:56 Chamber 3
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Raiden Shogun Battle Theme [All Phases] – Genshin Impact OST

Raiden Shogun Baal (Ei) Inazuma's Archon Battle Theme
00:00 – The Execution
01:29 – Phase 1
04:42 – Phase 2
– Composer Yu-Peng Chen
– Published by miHoYo
– Album TBA
– Game Genshin Impact
– Thumbnail Artist: poandan
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Hidden Teardrops ( Genshin Impact Part 10 )

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Albedo Talks About His Diamond Mark (Genshin Impact)

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Raiden Shogun saved me in 12-3 | Spiral Abyss floor 12 Genshin Impact

Hello Everyone!
I spent 4 hours straight to get full star in this new spiral abyss. Those 3 maguu kenki are surprisingly easy to beat with Xiao but, the real problem start with those rifthounds in 12-3 like I swear they're so annoying.. weird hitboxes, tanky, oftenly disappeared and etc. My Childe couldnt beat them in time so I tried using Raiden Shogun as DPS in national team and then.. I made it in time 🙂

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Title: Raiden Shogun saved me in 12-3 | Spiral Abyss floor 12 Genshin Impact

I fought anemo specter with Xiao | Spiral abyss floor 11 Genshin Impact The truth about Albedo | Shadows amidst snowstorms Genshin Impact The journey of my Blizzard Strayer | Artifact rolls Genshin Impact #4 I love beidou | Beidou hangout event Genshin Impact His Albedo is broken.. | Albedo pulls Genshin Impact My first 35% CritDmg substat? | Artifact rolls Genshin Impact #3 Anemo vs Everybody | Genshin Impact I just need one random quest, Mihoyo.. | Kujou Sara Genshin Impact Childe international team amazed me.. | Spiral abyss floor 12 Genshin Impact So I speedran the whole event | Shadow of the ancients Genshin Impact Genshin Impact moment THE WAIT IS OVER | Polar Star pulls Genshin Impact This wings were made for Xiao | Inazuma wind glider Genshin Impact 397K !! | C0 Tartaglia Childe one shot showcase Genshin Impact My first 300k damage! Staff of the End | Staff of Homa pulls Genshin Impact Mission failed successfully moment | Hu Tao & Staff of Homa pulls Genshin Impact That Childe & Scaramouche theory is correct.. | Labyrinth warriors Genshin Impact I sacrified my primos for WGS.. | Standard banner pulls Genshin Impact C1 Xiao is tempting me.. | Labyrinth Warriors part 2 Genshin Impact Took me 2 hours to discantus on Raiden's | Tuned to the world's sounds Genshin Impact Traps VS Me | Labyrinth Warriors Genshin Impact Discantus all the way !! | Tuned to the world's sounds Genshin Impact Zhongli & his wallet collabs! | Tuned to the world's sounds Genshin Impact Looking for a copper but found GOLD | Polar Star pull Genshin Impact Childe x Raiden Shogun combo Spiral abyss floor 12 | Genshin Impact My Child(e) destroyed Floor 11 Spiral Abyss | Genshin Impact #raidenshogun #spiralabyss12-3 Click me!

NEW SNOWMAN WEB EVENT (FREE 80 PRIMOGEMS!) Genshin Impact News Patch 2.3 Traveler’s Picture Book

Hello friends, in this video I will share with you the new web event "Traveler's Picture Book" for Genshin Impact. We can get up to 80 primogems from this event. Event Link: LIKE 👍 COMMENT 💬 SUBSCRIBE 🔔 TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS 🔔 Also, the KFC glider event has started, you can visit my Twitch channel for more information. Thanks for all the support 🥰🥰🥰 Sub to my YT:
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Friendly Genshin Impact community: ALL Ghosts Locations on Tsurumi Island: ALL 71 Fluorescent Fungus Collection Guide: ALL Star Shaped Gems Locations: Dragonspine is covered with snow all year round, but there is a warm feeling in my heart this winter. Event Duration 2021/12/03 11:00 – 2021/12/13 03:59 (UTC+8) Painting Colors A new task will unlock on each of the first 7 days of the event at 04:00. Complete them to obtain Painting Colors. Log in again after 04:00 every day to refresh your login task progress and accumulate painting progress. ※ The refresh time is based on the time of the server you play on. The timezone of each server is: America (UTC-5); Europe (UTC+1); Asia (UTC+8); TW, HK, MO (UTC+8). Reach Adventure Rank 28 and complete the quest "A Teapot to Call Home" to obtain the Serenitea Pot. Traveler's Picture Book Consume Painting Colors to start painting. Each attempt at painting will randomly increase the painting progress and after reaching a certain progress, you can obtain rewards such as Primogems, Hero's Wit, Mora, and Mystic Enhancement Ore. When your painting progress reaches 20%, 60%, and 80%, hilichurls will come and snatch your snowman materials. Complete the challenge to drive away the hilichurls and receive Hero's Wit and Mystic Enhancement Ore. This will also unlock Snowman Decorations. When your painting progress reaches 100%, you can use the Snowman Decorations to decorate your very own Traveler's Picture Book. #genshin #event #primogems Click me!

WELCOME TO HELL… | Genshin Impact

yes, the classic albedo welcome to hell. ________________________
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I Blew Up the Universe with 4 Eulas | Genshin Impact

How the dinosaurs actually went extinct Clips Channel:
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Players can explore the game's large fantasy world, called Teyvat, with over 25+ characters and various points of interest spread across the map. The game features an action combat playstyle that allows the player to swap between 4 individual characters in a party to quickly combo attacks. Single-player gameplay is the focus of the game, with Co-Op Mode available for certain activities. Each character has two unique combat skills: a normal skill and a special skill. The normal skill can be used at any time except for the cooldown period immediately after use, while the special skill has an energy cost, requiring the user to amass sufficient elemental energy first. Characters have control over one of seven natural elements: Cryo, Dendro, Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro, and Geo. Cooking is another significant aspect of Genshin Impact's gameplay. Players gather many resources in the course of their adventure, some of which can be turned into dishes via cooking. Some dishes regenerate characters' health, while others boost attack or defensive abilities. Click me!

I found a way to defeat Baal – Genshin Impact

this was done on my third account, i failed on my main(didn't know that the move before the cutscene WAS THE move before the cutscene). im dead inside there was a way to still get out of the arena using geo mc only, but i thought to just end the video there if you want to see the whole 4 hours of me pushing baal #GenshinImpact Click me!

why Gorou is a HUGE game changer | Genshin Impact

Gorou is an upcoming support unit in the latter half of 2.3 Genshin Impact who bears a similar title to Kujou Sara in that he's a DMG buffer for his own element, Geo. But unlike Sara, and much like other god tier supports, Gorou has a few tricks up his sleeve that will very likely turn him into a meta changer, propelling him AND Geo as an entire element into the forefront of the Genshin Impact 'meta'. (If you can call it a meta). So today, I wanted to discuss and analyze why Gorou is a HUGE game changer in 2.3 Genshin Impact. —-
edited by meeee
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0:14 Gorou's Impact
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Intro: Under Night In-Birth OST: Night Walker(Linne's Theme)
Outro: Blood Drain (again) – Vocal Version
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Aether’s Voice Actor Pulls For Albedo (Featuring Albedo’s VA) | Genshin Impact

Today I'm pulling for the Knights of Favonius's very own Chief Alchemist and Kreideprinz himself, Albedo! Who is voiced by some dude in denial about loving mayo. Joining me today is Albedo's English voice actor, Khoi Dao! A man that loves cats and likes to unfollow me on social media. Please note: if you use any portion of this stream or of any videos on this channel, credit back to the original video with a link. No reuploads are allowed. — Khoi Dao's Socials (Albedo)
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OVERPOWERED OR OVERRATED? New Ocean-Hued Clam Set Explained For EVERY Healer | Genshin Impact

heal make bubble. bubble go boom. qiqi is happy. Full set review for every healer in this video, hope it helps!
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Ocean-Hued Clam Set Effect Explained (0:00)
Qiqi (1:40)
Kokomi (3:49)
Barbara (5:32)
Jean/Sayu [Anemo Healers] (7:03)
Diona/Bennett (8:04)
Noelle (10:02)
Overall [Is this set good & worth farming?] (10:39)
— also
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ALBEDO – Complete Guide – 3★/4★/5★ Weapons, Combos, Artifacts, Team Comps | Genshin Impact

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Everything I (currently) know about Albedo in one video! Weapon options showcased, talents, constellations, artifacts, team comp explanations and more. Enjoy~ THANKS FOR WATCHING! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CONTENT! Follow me on my other socials!
TikTok: Intro + My Albedo 0:00
Talents 2:50
Playstyle 6:30
Weapon Testing 7:50
Artifacts 12:20
Constellations 16:44
Team Building 18:23
Spiral Abyss Showcase 20:55
Outro 23:07 Music provided by Monstercat:
Ghost & MADREX feat. DAINA – No Control Outro: Valence – Infinite (NCS Release)… #GenshinImpact #Xlice #Albedo Click me!