this video does NOT end until i get 100% enkanomiya exploration

Hey there! today on genshin impact, i explore enkanomiya in it's entirety.
entirely. this is the first time I explored a region ENTIRELY from never having been there to 100% – let me know what you think about world quest bits being included! sorry for being a day late again, this boi was quite a bit bigger than I thought it would be as it's "only" one place, but there were more clips than even Inazuma or Liyue exploration lol (600+ clips) hopefully sumeru isn't SOON because I caN'T RIGHT NOW pls too much exploration umm SOON we will have windtrace, I might make multiple windtrace videos because it's a fun gamemode, I'll do one solo like last time and maybe best moments with friends?? we'll see! ALSO WAIT IS YAE COMING OUT IN LIKE 3 DAYS? HELLO??? WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE I WANTED TO PREPARE A MAINS VIDEO BUT THERE'S NO TIME? also super hyped for lantern rite soon, get those 10 free pulls for the yae miko funds huhuhu, hope that's gonna be fun toooo ok bye desc getting too long take care lots of love thank you for the support as always and hope you enjoy!! ☻♥ twitty:
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Weapon Redhorn Stonethresher
Artifacts: 4 Husk Of Opulent Dreams: Def%, Geo Damage, Crit Rate ►Music: Tetris 99 OST- Tetris 99 Theme:
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST – Red Sun:
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Familia, os traigo el episodio #22 de OPTIMIZANDO CUENTAS de SUSCRIPTORES!
En este episodio, analizo una cuenta la cual tiene… Una locura de farmeo y no solo eso… Tiene 23 personajes subidos al nivel 90… Una maldita locura familia!
En esta serie, lo que hago es: Entro en vuestra cuenta, la analizo para saber lo que os conviene, os creo dos equipos y los pruebo en el abismo! Para optar a una optimización, debéis estar suscritos a mi canal de Twitch y estar en el servidor de Discord!
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0:00 – Introducción
0:30 – Primeras impresiones
4:05 – Analisis personajes (1)
6:40 – Es ballena?
8:27 – Analisis de personajes (2)
21:40 – Conclusión
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PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS EVER. And yes she deals more damage than your ganyu. Watch me live on twitch ►
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01:10 Floor 12 Chamber 1
04:20 Floor 12 Chamber 2
07:41 Floor 12 Chamber 3
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Genshin Impact Light & Shadow Part 1

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Who Should You Choose!? Ganyu + Zhongli Rerun Banners: Genshin Impact

The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare:
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Download Cookie Run: Kingdom to join the 1 Year Anniversary celebration! Today in Genshin Impact we're showing off 2 of our R5 Battle Pass weapons, Deathmatch, and The Black Sword, and seeing what they can do. Become a Channel Member! Twitch:
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2:47 Deathmatch
4:27 The Black Sword
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This is what Ganyu’s Peak F2P Potential looks like | Genshin Impact

A quick showcase of Ganyu's damage output when built with F2P Weapon and Team Composition. Goodluck to those pulling for her 🙂 Thanks for watching! Music:
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Global vs CN Outfit Changes Comparison – Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact (PC / PS4 Pro) – Global Server vs Chinese Server Censored Outfits Comparison
#GenshinImpact #Costumes #Outfits
Gameplay Raw footage edited in a synthetic manner for information purposes. All Gameplay played, recorded & edited by me. About Meloo:
Meloo is a channel that produces Guides, Creative Edits, High Quality Lore Videos, Comparisons & Mods for new video game releases. In my videos I draw parallels and use different editing techniques to deliver my Gameplay in a concise & transformative manner rather than full let’s plays. All Gameplay is my own and is recorded and edited by me. Click me!

Interlude Chapter: Act 1 – The Crane Returns on the Wind | Genshin Impact

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Archon Quest: Interlude Chapter: Act 1 – The Crane Returns on the Wind
Ningguang makes a competition for rebuild the Jade Chamber. Ningguang's reward raises the curtain on the competition, while dark undercurrents present a different sort of threat. Nobody was alert of Ningguang's intention of rebuilding it. Thank you for watching! Join Discord! Visit my other platform! Twitter:
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Invitation To Wine Event – Ling & Lee & Blacknight & Kroos Alter Pulling + Testing -【Arknights CN】

Hello guys, in this livestream i'll play the CN New Side Story event: Invitation To Wine!
I'll pull for Ling, Lee and Blacknight, while Kroos The Keen Glint is event free operator! Support me with a donation: Join my discord server: #Arknights Click me!

I have deep pain with F2P Xiao in new Spiral Abyss 2.4… (Genshin Impact)

Xiao and new Spiral Abyss are here in 2.4, am I gonna have a great time in this Abyss with Xiao? Well… god pls Yae Miko ease my pain. Twitch: #Genshinimpact #Genshin #Xiao Click me!

Which FREE Character Should You Pick? (Genshin Impact)

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Android ► Genshin Impact is giving away a FREE 4-star character in 2.4's Prosperous Partnership Event. But which character should you pick? Here are my thoughts! Here's the list of FREE characters you can pick from:
FREE Yun Jin (lol, giving away her immediately)
Chongyun Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that's available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting. Footage:
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Animal Crossing Drove Me Mad (New Horizons MEGA COMPILATION)

FootofaFerret MERCH! ►►
Playing A Stranger’s ANIMAL CROSSING Town ► Hey! I’m taking some time to work behind the scenes & get ahead for 2022!
I’ll be back with new, consistent uploads very soon. But until then, please enjoy this complete compilation of Foafy’s Adventures in Animal Crossing New Horizons! #animalcrossing #animalcrossingupdate #animalcrossingnewhorizons #happyhomeparadise #newhorizons #acnh #nintendo #footofaferret #abriefhistory More FOOTOFAFERRET!
– Playing Animal Crossing For The FIRST TIME ►
– Getting SERIOUS In Animal Crossing ►
– I Went BROKE In Animal Crossing ►►
– Animal Crossing Makes Me RAGE ► More BRIEF HISTORY!
– Super Smash Bros: The ULTIMATE History ►
– The History Of Pokemon ►►
– The History Of Splatoon ►►
– The History Of The Legend Of Zelda ► Follow me on Twitter ►► @FootofaFerret Character art by Gregzilla ► Portions of background music by Kevin MacLeod Thanks for watching & DFTBA! 🙂 Click me!

INVISIBLE GLITCH (THIS CHANGES EVERTHING?) Genshin Impact Bug Turning Yourself into Weapon/Glider

Hello friends, in this video I will share with you on how to turn yourself into a weapon or glider in Genshin Impact (invisible glitch). Do note that this glitch does not modify the in-game files or obtain an unfair advantage so it should be safe. LIKE 👍 COMMENT 💬 SUBSCRIBE 🔔 TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS 🔔 Twitch:
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10 Types Of Mains In Genshin Impact

Who do you main? I don't even know what my genshin main is…
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Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game that allows the player to control one of four interchangeable characters in a party. Switching between characters can be done quickly during combat, allowing the player to use several different combinations of skills and attacks.
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[Genshin Impact] Arataki Itto Tiktok Compilation

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